Welcome back to OBH

Our fabulous guesthouse is opening its doors on the 24th of May! The Ospreys are back over Bassenthwaite Lake, Skiddaw is resplendent!

We find ourselves suddenly in the last month of Spring! A beautiful time of year as the blossoms explode and the wildlife starts to flourish. As Shakespeare said art is a month “full of spirit”.

At Ouse Bridge House, we love this time of year, the Lake is alive with the tall sails of many boats. cutting gracefully through the crystal clear waters as they launch from the dock just opposite our home. The Ospreys are back! The most captivating and majestic of birds, a unique raptor that soars above the pristine lake and swoops down on unsuspecting fish, be it pike, perch, trout or even salmon! Take a walk along Bassenthwaite shores or sit by your bedroom window, with luck you’ll catch a glimpse.

On the horizon the mighty Skiddaw looms, ever different with an array of colours, changing with the arching sun, exuding purples, golds, browns, reds, oranges, and hues of blue or grey, it never looks the same. Snow capped one minute, cloaked in cloud the next, dazzling as the sun creeps from behind its grand shoulders. I could sit for hours just watching that fell change in its nature.

After the longest of Winters we are finally witnessing the return of Summer in more ways than one, our fabulous guesthouse is opening its doors on the 24th of May. There are exciting changes to behold, and we cannot wait to welcome you to a wonderful resting place where you can start many an adventure or just relax and forget your busy lives delighted by our stunning views, great hospitality and magnificent food.

To start your next adventure or weekend getaway.