Experience Open Water Swimming in the Lake District

During the pandemic, many people started sea swimming or open water swimming, and its popularity was, and still is huge. Dry robe sales online went through the roof, and social media channels were heaving with images of happy, vibrant faces of people who had discovered the joy of this activity. Although temperatures and terrain can be challenging, most people who take up this hobby/sport rave about the rewards and benefits they get from their daily or weekly dip!

In the UK we have many stunning sea swimming and open water or wild swimming spots, some of which are right on our doorstep here, so why not discover during your stay with us why swimming in the lake district is downright, good old-fashioned fun, and good for your health.

Many of our guests have asked about safe and appropriate places to swim in the Lake District. We’ve chosen a few of our favourite and quiet spots to enjoy a safe dip.

Bassenthwaite Lake: It’s literally 50 metres from our front door, its a beautiful lake and popular with local open water swim groups.

Buttermere: Crystal clear water and only 30 mins drive from Ouse Bridge House

Crummock Water: A tranquil Lake in a scenic location, 20 mins drive from Ouse Bridge House

Rydal Water: One of the smaller lakes, it is said to have been a favourite of the poet “Wordsworth,” you’ll get there in 30 minutes by car.

Open swimming a wonderful way to boost your health, it’s free and its rewards include better sleep, increasing those endorphins which in turn improves your mood and so much more.

Whether you are visiting us at Ouse Bridge House for a retreat, a celebration, or a getaway, not only will nature surround you, but you can also literally immerse yourself in some of the finest open waters in the world and reap the benefits. Stay safe and see you soon at Ouse Bridge House.