The Cumbria Way – A Lakes District Camino

Whether you are searching for some spiritual fulfilment or embarking on a challenging walk to find a sacred or holy place, in other words, a pilgrimage of sorts, you may be surprised to hear that we have one incredible walk around here that would give the ‘Camino’ itself a run for its money.

In the 1970’s members of a local Ramblers Association came together and marked out a route that is made up of an exhilarating 112 kilometres. Passing through Keswick, it is broken down into 5 stages, starting in Ulverston and finishing in Carlisle.

Stage 3 of the walk is a challenging yet rewarding hike that takes approximately 6.5 hours to complete and runs from Langdale to Keswick. It spans 15 miles (24 kilometres) and displays the staggering beauty of the real Lakelands.

Highlights to look out for along the way include;

– The familiar craggy volcanic rock of the central lake district

– The Stakepass Watershed

– The elevated Allerdale Ramble of Derwent Water

– Brandlehow Park, the first Lake District Property acquired by the National Trust


Watch out for the ‘Herdwick Sheep’ only found in Cumbria, renowned for yielding wool in a rich variety of shades including grey and white for hard-wearing tweed.

Keep an eye out for the beautiful kingfisher that hovers over water to hunt small fish.

As with everything in life, routes and paths evolve and changes to the route trails may appear from time to time.

If you feel a calling to do a mammoth walk, think about ‘The Cumbria Way’ or take it one stage at a time.

Our property Ouse Bridge House B&B is an oasis of calm and comfort and offers an ideal pit stop along the route. So, pack your boots, layers, binoculars, and journal and head to the Lakes District for your very own mini Camino.