Retreat into nature, back to yourself!

As we all try to find some stability in the wake of the pandemic and the impact it has had on our lives, some of us find that we have been busier than ever before. Finding that balance again for ourselves is an ongoing challenge. If you are having trouble trying to get that equilibrium back in your life again, a visit to our charming Ouse Bridge House may be just what you need, and here’s why;

This year we have been running retreats for our guests in popular practices such as Pilates, Karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It doesn’t matter your ability, our retreats appeal to everyone. Not only do they give us the gift of time for ourselves, but they also give us the tools to bring back to our hectic lives so that we can better cope with the busyness of it all.

Our guest house is located somewhere very special in the Lake District, surrounded by water. As the summer weather kicks in, you will see the sight of paddle boards and kayaks lined up on the waterfront as locals, visitors and many of guests embrace the joys of water sports now that temperatures have warmed up.

As your hosts, we are always available to make your stay with us as fun, fulfilling, and enjoyable as possible. If you are keen to take part in any of our activities or specialist retreats, please do contact us directly and we will be only too happy to get you booked in to one of our classes, or guide you to who you can contact to find what’s best for you.

Our comfortable bedrooms will provide a cosy and quiet space for you to relax at night and catch up on some well needed sleep, and our legendary breakfast will provide the nourishment needed to maximise all you’ve planned during your stay.

You may arrive as a frazzled stranger to us on check-in, but you will leave us as a friend who is hopefully stronger, calmer, and ready for more adventures. Get in touch, you’ll be glad that you did.